Travel Guide


 The EASIEST way to get from airport to Central London and back is by hiring a car in advance.  The best company I’ve found to do that is Hummingbird Cars.  Their website:

There are also train options from every airport:

Heathrow Express:

Gatwick Express: 

Stansted Express   

You can always take a bus into town.  It’s the cheapest way to do it, but be warned: if there are accidents on the highway, or heavier-than-usual traffic, your journey could end up taking a LOT longer than you planned!  National Express is, as the name implies, a national line that serves the whole country.  They also have free wifi on all their buses!

National Express bus line:

Once you get into town, you’ll need to get around.  Don’t bother renting a car: parking in the city is a nightmare, it’s very expensive (even if you can find it), and public transport in London is so good that you’d never need a car anyway!  Buy an Oyster Card in advance (or at any London Underground [Tube] station): it’s the best way to pay for and use London Transport!  (And Oyster Card is cheaper than those “Travelards” most tourists buy!)

Oyster Card info: 




Machu Picchu: remember when traveling to high mountain areas, that the weather can change rapidly and dramatically. Even in summer in the Andes, be prepared for rain and cold weather: maybe even snow high up in the mountains!  Layered clothing works best in the high Andes (or any mountain area, for that matter.)