My Favorite Passport Stamps: Canada!

I like countries that have stamps in their national color.  Canada is one of my favorites!

I was on a cruise to Alaska recently, and when we hit the port of Skagway, I rented a car and drove to Yukon Territory in Canada.  Along the way, I found some cool stamps.  Between Alaska and the Yukon is a sliver of the Canadian province of British Columbia.  The border crossing is at Fraser BC.  To get the stamp, you have to visit the nearby train station.  The station itself is closed, but outside, on a ledge, sits a box, and inside the box is this stamp, showing the Klondike gold rushers climbing the nearby Chilikoot Trail!

The first place of any size you come to in the Yukon is the tiny town of Carcross.  This first stamp came from the Tourist Information Office.

One of the places worth visiting in Carcross is the Matthew Watson General Store.  On the sidewalk in front of the store, these next two stamps are sitting on a table.  Very cool stamps.



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