Strange and Weird Place Names in Each U.S. State!

This map shows actual towns in each state.  Talk about some strange names!  Check out North  Dakota, Idaho, Connecticut, West Virginia,and California especially!

Weird town names map

This, however, is just the beginning!  Every state has some really odd place names.  I’ve been compiling a list for years, as I’ve looked at maps in my travels.  Here are TOP FIVE in each state.

I didn’t pick places that were just hard to pronounce, or Indian names.  Generally, when I saw these places on the map, I thought, “Where did THIS name come from?  What led to this name?”  I’m sure there are some great stories behind all of these place names!  Enjoy


  • Alabama:  Dogtown, Screamer, Slicklizzard, The Bottle, Yelling Settlement

  • Alaska:  Eek, Chickaloon, Lucky Shot Landing, Yistletaw, Kalifornsky

  • Arizona:  Nothing, Santa Claus, Why, Tuba City, Chair Crossing

  • Arkansas:  Y City, Smackover, Stinking Bay, Turkey Scratch, Possum Grape

  • California:  Rough and Ready, Condemned Bar, Dunmovin, Hellhole Palms, Zzyzx

  • Colorado:  No Name, Stringtown, Fearnowville, Wideawake, Old Roach

  • Connecticut:  Happyland, Mianus, Devil’s Backbone, Puddletown, Bedlam Corner

  • Delaware:  Corner Ketch, Little Heaven, Great Good Place, Scrap Tavern Crossroads, Israel Haul

  • Florida:  Two Egg, Briny Breezes, Yellow Water, Burnt Store, Monkey Box

  • Georgia:  Boozeville, Hopeulikit, Goat Town, Burnt Hickory Farms, Fivemile Still

  • Hawaii:  Haiku, Elevenmile Homestead, Upper Village Three, Cod Fish Village, Chin Chuck

  • Idaho:  Slickpoo, Good Grief, The String, Comical Turn, Beer Bottle Crossing

  • Illinois:  Boody, Benld, Goofy Ridge, Roaches, Poverty Row

  • Indiana:  Poopsdale, Loogootee, Fartsville, French Lick, Stony Lonesome

  • Iowa:  Last Chance, Popejoy, Kiester, Beebeetown, Crab Town

  • Kansas:  Kickapoo, Gas, Smileyburg, Yaggy, Spasticville

  • Kentucky:  Bugtussle, Do Stop, Hardmoney, Monkey’s Eyebrow, Possum Trot

  • Louisiana:  Waterproof, Uneedus, Cranky Corner, Monks Hammock, Squealer Point Landing

  • Maine:  Burnt Porcupine, Bald Head, Deadmans Corner, Suckerville, Purgatory

  • Maryland:  Boring, Mousetown, Dulls Corner, Pretty Boy, Scientists Cliffs

  • Massachusetts:  Belchertown, The X, Tree of Knowledge Corner, Teaticket, Fighting Rock Corner

  • Michigan:  Hell, Colon, Holy Corners, Raisin Center, Hatmaker

  • Minnesota:  Happy Wanderer, Dinkytown, Sleepy Eye, Clappers, Ball Club

  • Mississippi:  Hot Coffee, Yazoo City, Hobo Station, Merry Hell, Shake Rag

  • Missouri:  Frankenstein, Tightwad, Knob Noster, Ginger Blue, Prohibition City

  • Montana:  Hungry Horse, Old Weiss and French Place, Prison Farm, Big Arm, Top O’Deep

  • Nebraska:  Worms, Doughboy, Wee Town, Headquarters, Weeping Water

  • Nevada:  Jiggs, Sugar Bunker, Maggie Blues, Sunshine Camp, Weed Heights

  • New Hampshire:  Puddle Dock, The Hand, Chicks Corner, Good Intent, Bungy

  • New Jersey:  Loveladies, Cheesequake, Buttzville, Comical Corners, Skin Corner

  • New Mexico:  Truth or Consequences, Candy Kitchen, No Agua, Hard Luck Crossing, Spaceport City

  • New York:  Neversink, Lonelyville, Butternuts, Swastika, Deerhead

  • North Carolina:  Kill Devil Hills, Loafers Glory, Rabbit Shuffle, Shoofly, Shacktown

  •  North Dakota:  Hoople, Three V Crossing, On-a-Slant Village, Flasher, Four Bears Village

  • Ohio:  Pee Pee, Knockemstiff, Bloody Corners, Fleatown, Spunky Puddle

  • Oklahoma:  Pink, Bowlegs, Greasy, The Holy City, Bushyhead

  • Oregon:  Zigzag, Cake,, Cracker City, Sixes

  • Pennsylvania:  Intercourse, Bird-in-Hand, Burnt Cabins, Little Hope, Number Thirty-Seven

  • Rhode Island:  Rice City, Peace Dale, Social, Arctic, Snug Harbor

  • South Carolina:  Ketchuptown, Hurl Rocks, Beauty Spot, Round O, True Blue

  • South Dakota:  Red Shirt, Mud Butte, Jolly Dump, Black Eyes, Prairie Queen

  • Tenneessee:  Marrowbone, Lick Skillet, Sweet Lips, French Broad, Soddy-Daisy

  • Texas:  Cut and Shoot, Hoot and Holler, Chocolate Bayou, Buffalo Mop, Jot’em Down

  • Utah:  Virgin, Mexican Hat, Eggnog, Dreams End, Dutch John

  • Vermont:  Mosquitoville, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Notown, Podunk, Mary Meyer

  • Virginia:  Bumpass, Goose Pimple Junction, Goblintown, New Erection, Ticktown

  • Washington:  Mock City, Humptulips, Willy Dick Crossing, B Z Corner, Kid Valley

  • West Virginia:  Paw Paw, Lick Fork, Left Hand, Jenkinjones, Nancy Run

  • Wisconsin:  Imalone, Spread Eagle, Young American, Pole Cat Crossing, New Diggings

  • Wyoming:  Dead Woman Crossing, West Thumb, Goose Egg, Spotted Horse, Ten Sleep

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