Quiz Time: World Flags (HARD ones!)

So far I’ve done two flag quizzes: an “easy” one, and a “not-so-easy” one.  Now it’s time for a flag quiz that will challenge pretty much anyone that reads this!  If you do well on THIS quiz, you are a genuine flag expert!

Because they are so hard, I’m going to give you THREE hints for each one: the continent or region where the country is located; a bordering country; and the CAPITAL CITY of the country.  Good luck!

#1   OCEANIA  (No neighboring countries; Nukuʻalofa)


#2   AFRICA  (Kenya; Dodoma)


#3   EUROPE  (Bulgaria; Sköpje)


#4   AFRICA  (Sierra Leone; Monrovia)


#5   ASIA  (Cambodia; Vientiane)


#6   AFRICA  (South Sudan; Kampala)


#7   SOUTH AMERICA  (Brazil; Caracas)


#8   ASIA  (Turkey; Tbilisi)


#9   CARIBBEAN  (Haiti; Santo Domingo)

Dominican Republic

#10   EUROPE  (Hungary; Zagreb)


#11   CENTRAL AMERICA  Panama;San José)

Costa Rica 

#12   EUROPE  (Austria; Ljubljana)


#13   AFRICA  (Angola; Kinshasa)

DR Congo

#14   ASIA  (Kazakhstan; Tashkent)


#15   NORTH AFRICA  (Mauritania; Rabat)


OK, here are the answers.  1 point for each correct answer!

#1    Tonga

#2    Tanzania

#3    Macedonia

#4    Liberia

#5    Laos

#6    Uganda

#7    Venezuela

#8    Georgia

#9    Dominican Republic

#10   Croatia

#11   Costa Rica

#12   Slovenia

#13   Democratic Republic of the Congo

#14   Uzbekistan

#15   Morocco

How did you do?

14-15 points: I crown you RULER OF FLAG-LAND!

10-13 pointsExcellent scoreIMPRESSIVE!

6-9 points:  Very good score!  A passing score for sure!

0-5 pointsNo shame on a quiz this hard!

Hope you enjoyed this quiz!  

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