Cool Signs From Around the World

We’ve all seen interesting signs, either in person or on the internet.  Hopefully I’ll show you some you haven’t yet seen.  Some are funny, some are unusual, and one has the most bizarre English translation you’ve ever seen!  Enjoy!

Aussie 2

This sign is from Australia.  Because the country is so large, and most of the interior is sparsely populated, Australia has the “Royal Flying Doctor Service” (RFDS) that uses small planes to bring in medical care, supplies, and fuel to those that live in the “Outback.”  You’ll see these signs a lot: the planes often use the roads as landing strips.

Camel crossing

Pretty much all over the rural areas of North Africa and the Middle East you’ll see signs like this, warning motorists to be careful of camels.  

Amish carriage

If you’ve ever been to Pennsylvania or Ohio, you may have seen this sign.  It lets you know that you’re in Amish country.  The Amish don’t believe in modern things like cars and electricity, so they do all their traveling in horse-drawn buggies like the one on the sign.  

Chinse cat

THIS IS NOT REAL!  Some photoshopper just made it: I think it’s really funny though, so I thought I’d put it in here.

Aussie Burger

Not everyone thinks that McDonald’s is all that great….including this shop in Australia!

Secret Nuclear Bunker UK

I went to this area in England specifically trying to find this sign.  I never did see it.  It’s probably another photoshopped thing, but it makes me laugh!

Polar Bear Warning

If you ever get up to Churchill, Manitoba (Canada) (“Polar Bear Capital of the World“!) you’ll see lots of signs like this, even in town.  People in Churchill actually leave their cars unlocked when they’re parked outside, in case someone needs to find shelter fast!  Polar bears are everywhere!

Aussie 1

More traffic hazards in Australia’s Outback!

Touching Wires

A sign in Newcastle, Australia…..if you’re instantly dead, do you still have to pay the fine?

Alaska 1

Alaska has its own road issues!

Slow children

Another photoshopped sign, but it IS funny!

Remove dentures

This sign from South Africa is actually confusing whether you speak English, Dutch or Afrikaans!

Confusing sign in Wales

This sign is from Wales.  Any idea which road  you should take?  (As it turned out, they both went around in a big circle to the same place!)


The Irish really are big drinkers.  I guess this pub in Dublin thought that drunks would think this was a great deal!

HOuston TX

The marquee for this restaurant in Houston made me laugh out loud!

NOwhere else Australia

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are a lot of cool signs in Australia.  Only there can you go to “Nowhere Else”!

The Australians tend to be pretty “earthy” people.  Check out this sign on a rural road.

Aussie 3

And finally, this one from a park in Germany.  (The sign says “Use the toilets”……)



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