Top 10 Funniest World Place Names

When you’re traveling outside of North America, you often see places with….interesting names.  Here are my ten favorites.

Albania isn’t a country that many tourists visit.  Could this town be one of the reasons?

Puke Albania

Imagine coming from any of these next three towns in England!

Ugely England

Pity Me, UK

Crapstone England

I can only imagine how this Italian town got its name….

Bastardo IT

This is a town in Denmark.  I’m not sure I want to comment on it……

Middelfart DK

A most unfortunately-named town in Austria, I’m thinking.

Windpassing Austria

Does this Spanish town refer to any specific moron on the border?  

Moron de la Frontera Spain

These two towns are not far from my house in Germany.  Talk about “out of the frying pan, into the fire!”    Wank DE

Are you a Batman fan?  There’s a town in Turkey just for you!  (No kidding!)


This town in Wales holds the record (with 58 characters) for the longest place name in Europe and the second longest official one-word place name (after a Maori town in New Zealand with 85 characters) in the world.  It’s worth taking the train there just for this picture!

Llanfair PG Wales


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