Crazy U.S. Place Names (and signs!)

Anyone that travels around the U.S. has seen that there are some strange names for places.  You kind of wonder, why would anyone name a place THAT?

half dot com OR

This could only happen in Oregon: the first state to legalize marijuana, where incoming residents are given a new Subaru (so as not to stand out from everyone else) and where “Whole Foods” is the official state store.  (OK, I made up those statistics, but they’re probably close!)  State nickname is: The Beaver State, but it probably should be The Granola State!

intercourse 2

This one’s a classic!  Located in the the heart of Amish Country in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County, this might be the most-photographed sign in America!  Amish Country is famous for its town names: there are also towns called “Bird-in-Hand”, “Lititz”, “Ephrata” and “King of Prussia.”  (Check out the Amish in their horse and buggy in the picture!)

Humansville MO

I’m not really sure what to say about this little town in Ohio.  I guess they just wanted to be really clear about who/what lived there.

Hell MI

Yes, there really IS a town called Hell in Michigan!  They even have their own Facebook page and their own website:

The website is very creative (and funny !)  With sections like “Get Married in Hell (After all, a marriage that starts in Hell has no place to go but up!”), “Buy a Piece of Hell” and “Be the Mayor of Hell”, and local attractions like the Hell Saloon, Damnation University, and the Official Post Office (“We BURN and SINGE every piece ​of mail”) located inside the Hell Hole Diner, you know you want to visit….so, like their website says….”Go. To. Hell.”


And speaking of Hell, here’s a rather oddly-named place in Connecticut.

Satan's Kingdom CT

I guess this is where the people of Hell go on vacation…..

Or maybe they go here……

Satans Kingdom MA shirt

(This is the souvenir T-shirt you can buy in the town of Satans Kingdom, Massachusetts!  It’s not far from Satan’s Kingdom Recreation Area: why not make a weekend of it?  🙂

Nitt Witt Ridge CA

Only in California…..

No Name CO

This place, located in Colorado, demonstrates what can happen when you have absolutely no idea about anything.  The sign can also be seen in the movie Vanishing Point.

Boring OR

Oh yeah!   Let’s jump in the car and head to Boring, Oregon!   Do the local teens say typical things like, “It’s so BORING here”?  They’re in the only place, apparently, where they are  right!

I hope you enjoyed a look at some crazy US places.  Stay tuned, because there will be another post with more strange and unusual names!



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