Our Services

How can we help you?

1.   My “Travel Guide” page will give you lots of insider, “what-locals-know” tips on traveling and living pretty much anywhere.  I’ve lived much of my life overseas, so I can tell you things that a regular travel agent just can’t know.

2.  I can help you plan and book your trip.  My fees are very reasonable, and you can be sure that if I recommend a place to stay, or a restaurant to dine at, I’ve “been there and done that!”  I can help with any kind of tour: budget or luxury; solo travel; cruises; family or group travel.

3.  As a tour organizer, leader and guide for over 25 years, I have lots of experience putting together unique, one-of-a-kind tours for those that want something a bit different.  In my “Custom Tours”, you can see some of the special itineraries that I have developed.  If you’re interested, I can put together a tour for you and your group, guided by me, that will give you a trip unlike anything you’ve done before.